Lauren 's Story

Hey there! My name is Lauren Wall and I am so glad you're here! A little bit about me; I grew up in Midland and then my family moved to the most beautiful place on earth, Durango, CO for 6 years, however my husband is in the oil & gas business so back to Midland we came.  I have literally dreamed of owning my own store FOREVER and when we moved back here the door just blew wide open. The loyalty + support of the locals here made it possible for me to get this business off the ground. 

My style has never been ordinary, I don't really love the word "trendy" and I believe whatever you wear, you have to just own it! Whether it's sneakers with a dress or a bright red blazer over a graphic tee, it's All About CONFIDENCE. Just BE YOU! My true passion lies in styling other women and helping them to feel as beautiful as they look. That's what I hope to do here. Know that when you shop with me, you are supporting a dream and an opportunity to contribute to my family. 

 "Estilo" {e-stee-lo} literally translates to Style in Spanish. I spent two years doing mission work in Santiago, Chile and while I was riding on a micro (bus!) I had this feeling wash over me that I would, in fact, have a store one day and that it would be named ESTILO.